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2015 Stratford Festival Tyrone Guthrie JEAN GASCON AWARD

to enable an established or emerging director to take on an assignment outside of the Festival. It was created in 1988 to honour Gascon who served as artistic director from 1977 to 1983. I was awarded it to develop a modern version of Ibsen's Little Eyolf.



for female directors transitioning from one theatre discipline to that of directing.  In my case, I come from a long career as an actor.  I made my professional debut in Royal MTC's 1986 production of Brighton Beach Memoirs and met Gina at Royal MTC in 1997 when we appeared in Quills together. She was a mentor, friend and fierce theatre artist and I am honoured to hold this national award and to now sit on the Gina Prize jury.


Professional development, travel and project grants from the Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, Manitoba Arts Council, Winnipeg Arts Council & Canada Council for the Arts.

                                                         Photo: Dylan Hewlett

I’m there to safeguard story, yes, but beyond that, to help the artists, and therefore myself, defeat the limitations of fear.       



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